VIDEO AD : In-Board


Ad Units In-Board (In-board)
Duration 15 Seconds Max
Resolution Max: [1920 x 1080] / Min: [640x360]
Aspect Ratio 16:9 (4:3 not supported)
File Size 500 MB Max

Standard Video Codec formats accepted.

Codecs not supported:

  • ProRes 4444
  • HDV 720p60
  • Go2 Meeting 3 & 4
Sound Audio will initiate on mouse over
VAST Compliant Yes

Additional Information

High impact ad unit, placed in Billboard position. Runs on desktop only.

Lead Time

This is a Tier 2 ad unit. See CarAdvice Advertising guidelines.

Product Rules

TVC will push down from the top of the page. Video will only play if the tab is active and 50% or more of the TVC is in view.

Ad Serving Capabilities

This is a 3rd party served ad unit. Please see list of supported 3rd party vendors.


VAST Tag required.

Advertising Guidelines and Terms & Conditions

Please refer to Advertising Guidelines and Terms & Conditions.