NATIVE : Text Links


Asset Description Guidelines
Text Link 1

A set of 3 Text Links that float along side reviews and appear at the bottom of review and showroom pages.

Mobile Text Links will stick to the bottom of viewport.

  • Max 26 characters max per each Text Link (including space and punctuation)
  • Custom copy requires approval

Recommended copy:
  • Book a Test Drive
  • Download a Brochure
  • Find a Dealer
  • Latest Offers

Text Link 2
Text Link 3

Additional Information
Device Capabilities Desktop / Tablet / Mobile
Lead Time This is a Tier 1 ad unit. 5 business days prior to launch.
See CarAdvice Advertising guidelines.
Ad Serving This is built and hosted by CarAdvice
  • 3 x copy
  • 3 x click trackers
  • 3 x impression trackers
Advertising Guidelines / Terms & Conditions Please refer to Advertising Guidelines and Terms & Conditions.