NATIVE : Sponsored Showrooms


Ad Units Description Content Asset Requirements
Dimensions CarAdvice custom ad unit
Asset A: Banner Full width generic banner graphic
  • Dimensions: [1280x300]
  • Animation: Not allowed, image must be static
  • No messaging / copy or logo allowed
  • Same image is used across child model showroom pages
Asset B: Model Image Deep etched image of vehicle for to be used in Showroom Hotspots
  • Background: Solid white or transparent
  • Angle: Front Quarter or Side
  • Minimum size: 640x640
  • Car Colour: No requirements
  • Shadow: Allowed
  • File type: JPG or PNG
Asset C: Hotpsot Title Title of the hotspot (e.g Panoramic Sunroof) Max: 25 Characters (including space and punctuation)
Asset D: Hotspot Description Description of the Hotspot Max: 160 Characters (including space and punctuation)
Asset E: Hotspot Image Image to accompany hotspot
  • Dimensions: [300x200]
  • File Size: < 40kb
Disclaimer Disclaimer for the Hotspot if relevant Max: 150 characters
Asset F: Text Links 3 x call to actions Please select 3 x copy from below; please contact Account Manager for custom copy:
  • Book a Test Drive
  • Find a Dealer
  • Download a Brochure
  • Latest offers
Asset G – J: Featured Video Featured Video Player
  • Video URL
  • Featured Video Player may have a maximum of 2 client produced video assets. Seek confirmation from Acc manager if you require more.
  • It should not reference price or an offer.
  • Video must be hosted on YouTube. Any other 3rd party is not allowed
  • Minimum of 2 videos produced by CarAdvice
Asset K: Banner Ad Full width clickable banner allowed to click off-sit
  • Dimensions: 1280x400
  • Animation: Not allowed, image must be static
  • File Size: < 100kb
  • File Type: JPG
  • Device: Available on Desktop only
Asset L: Social Feed Social Fee Social feed to be selected by CarAdvice to ensure minimal competitor messaging is displayed on CarAdvice

Additional Information

Maximum of 1 update per month.

Lead Time

This is a Tier 3 ad unit. See CarAdvice Advertising guidelines.

Product Rules

Sold as keywords only.

Ad Serving Capabilities

This is a CarAdvice served ad unit.


Completed templates and all assets.

Advertising Guidelines and Terms & Conditions

Please refer to Advertising Guidelines and Terms & Conditions.