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Ad Units Description Guidelines
Dimensions Custom build using CarAdvice template
Asset A Car title line 1 20 Characters max, including space and punctuation
Asset B Car title line 2 20 Characters max, including space and punctuation
Asset C Hot Spot Image
  • Image size: 280x160
  • File Type: JPG or PNG
  • Backgrounds solid white or transparent
  • Angle: Front quarter or side profile
  • Shadow: allowed
Asset D Hot Spots title and copy (1-5 allowed)
  • Hot Spot Title - 25 Characters
  • Hot Spot Copy - 150 Characters
Asset E 3 x Text Links

Predefined Copy:

  • Test Drive
  • Dealer
  • Offers
  • Brochure

Custom copy requires approval

Asset F Read Review
  • 3rd party click tracker that clicks back to relevant article
  • Content ID or URL Path
Asset G Ad Unit impression tracker 3rd party impression tracker

Additional Information

This is a desktop only ad unit.

Lead Time

This is a Tier 3 ad unit. See CarAdvice Advertising guidelines.

Ad Serving Capabilities

This is a CarAdvice served ad unit.


Please provide assets using the CarAdvice template. 3rd party impression and click tracking tags are also acceptable.

Advertising Guidelines and Terms & Conditions

Please refer to Advertising Guidelines and Terms & Conditions.